St. John’s Sports Wins GFA Cup


St. John’s Sports are the winners of the inaugural GFA Cup knockout competition.

The boys from the fishing capital reigned supreme over Shamrock in the final at the Fond Recreation ground last Saturday night.

They emerged 4-2 in extra time.

One official of St. John’s Sports remarked that it was the success of a rather hectic journey.

Meanwhile, in the regular Premier League competition on the week-end, there were wins for Hurricanes, Paradise, Eagles Super Strikers and Queens Park Rangers.

Hurricanes, remaining unbeaten, got the better of Chantimelle 2 goals to nil, and maintain its spot at the top of the standings.

Paradise FC International bounced back with a 4-1 victory over Mt. Rich; Queens Park Rangers beat GBSS 4-2 and Eagles Super Strikers defeated SAAB 2-nil.

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