Polling On! Exercise Extreme Caution Says The NDC (By NDC)


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is publicly advising voters, that we have been reliably informed that Barbadian pollster Peter Wickham has agents currently in the field, going door to door, asking political questions for a poll. We can confirm that Mr. Wickham is not operating as a paid pollster for the National Democratic Congress.

It is our strong belief that he is being paid for by Keith Mitchell and the New National Party. To protect yourselves against victimization, the NDC advises the public to either not participate in the survey or to give information to the survey takers that protects your privacy.

As the general election gets closer, attempts will be made to frighten, intimidate, and even victimize people based on the party they are perceived to be supporting. On Election Day, when you go to vote, vote for the NDC with confidence. No one can tell who you vote for; so protect your privacy from unethical pollsters and it will be protected at the ballot box.

NDC – Putting People First.

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