Police Warn Circulating/Possessing of Child Pornography is Illegal


The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is warning the general public that a video depicting child pornography that is circulating on social media is against the law.

The police are asking persons to desist from sharing the video, in any format, digital or otherwise, as this constitutes an offence according to Sec 12 of the Electronic Crimes Act of 2013, notwithstanding its origin.

The RGPF is reminding persons that the Electronic Crimes Act of 2013, makes it clear that persons engaged in the sharing / forwarding or retention of such materials is committing an offence, which could result in them being prosecuted.

Members of the public are asked to delete the video if received.

Electronic Crimes Act of 2013



Section 12.

(1)        For the purposes of this section a “child” means a person who is under                              the age of  eighteen years.

(2)       A person shall not knowingly and without lawful  justification or                                        excuse–

(a)        publish or transmit or cause to be published or transmitted                                                   material in an electronic form which depicts a child engaged in                                           sexually explicit act or conduct;

(b)       create text or digital images, collect, seek, browse, download,                                                 advertise, promote, exchange or distribute material in an                                                      electronic form depicting a child in obscene or indecent or                                                       sexually explicit manner;

(c)       cultivate, entice or induce children to an online relationship with                                         another child  or an adult for a sexually explicit act or in a manner                                      that may offend a reasonable adult on the electronic  system;

(d)        facilitate the abuse of a child online;

(e)        record or own in an electronic form material which depicts the                                            abuse of a  child engaged in a sexually explicit act;

(f)        procure and/or obtain child pornography through a computer                                               system;                                    or

(g)       obtain access through information and communication                                                         technologies, to child pornography.

(4)       A person who contravenes subsection (2) commits an offence and is liable on        conviction on indictment to a fine not exceeding two hundred thousand dollars             or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years or to both and in the    event of second or subsequent conviction to a fine not exceeding three    hundred thousand dollars or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twenty         years or to both.


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