Clean Up By Cadet


It was a great day in Pure Grenada as young Grenadians came together to ensure that one of our scenic spots remains litter free. 30 members of the Grenada Cadet Corp Zone B collected 27 jumbo size bags of litter along the seawall behind the Melville Street Cruise Terminal.

The initiative was led and supported by the Grenada Tourism Authority in collaboration with the Grenada Cadet Corp, the Royal Grenada Police Force and the Grenada Solid Waste Authority.

Adjutant of the Grenada Cadet Corp Captain Martha Budd says items collected included food boxes, plastic bags and bottles. Following the clean up she said, “We really need to keep this area clean. It is central and somewhere we can come to relax, but only if it is clean.”

Members of the Grenada Cadet Corp found the exercise rewarding and they shared some strong messages with the Grenadian public. St. Marks Secondary School’s Liston Noel said, “If there is no garbage bin available, dispose of your trash at home’ while Mia Debellotte (St. Marks Secondary) said, “I enjoyed the experience and I would like to see a ‘No Dumping’ sign erected as a reminder to the public.”

The Grenada Tourism Authority has plans to install garbage bins in an effort to keep the area clean. The exercise will continue with the Cadet Corp moving to clean up the Grand Etang shoreline trail on Tuesday (11th April).

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