Caricom S.G Congratulates Grenada On 43rd Anniversary


CARICOM Secretary-General, Irwin La Rocque, congratulates Grenada on its 43rd year as an Independent Nation.

In view of Grenada’s break-away from Britain on 7th February, 1974, February 7th Independence La Rocque commended the progress Grenada has made.

He believes Grenada’s strides towards a better future is truly reflected in the theme for the celebrations, “forging ahead together for continued national development.”

In a congratulatory message to Prime Minister Mitchell, the Chief said, and I quote, ” The belief, resilience and determination shown by the government and people of Grenada, to overcome all obstacles as they strive to build their nation, is an example to many”, end of quote.

La Rocque also noted the Community’s appreciation for the “vital role” the country has been playing in science and technology and in regional integration.

La Rocque tells Dr. Mitchell that he’s looking forward to the Government’s continued leadership in ensuring that at both the regional and international levels, this critical issue remains at the forefront of discussions and actions.

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