9-Year-Old Blessed Sacrament Student Ariel Bhola Killed


There’s no word yet whether anyone has been arrested for the untimely death on the week-end of 9-year-old Ariel Bhola.

The Police are treating it as a homicide and are continuing investigations.

Ariel, a student of the Blessed Sacrament Primary School was reported missing last Friday.

With a search having been mounted, her lifeless body was recovered in the Frequente area Saturday morning.

Police say one person is assisting them in their investigation.

Unconfirmed sources reveal a teenager is being held for questioning.

A Police report coming to hand a short while ago stated that a juvenile is in police custody assisting with investigations.

A post mortem was scheduled to be conducted to determine the actual cause of Ariel’s death.

The incident has once again sparked societal concern about the care, welfare and protection of the Nation’s children.

Comments on social media have been rather derogatory, calling for harsh penalties.

The general feeling shrouding Grenada is one of sadness, in the face of prior incidents and outcries of the need for child abuse and/or sexual abuse to stop.

Callers on Wee Fm’s Plead Your Cause this morning spoke emotionally about the incident.

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